Promoter ITALIA NOSTRA onlus The oldest national association for the defense of Italy’s historical, cultural and environmental heritage with the collaboration of Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia Project Manager Prof. Antonella Caroli Cultural and scientific organization prof. Antonella Caroli arch. Roberto Pirzio Biroli prof. Dirk Schubert Meeting commitee Antonella Caroli, Giulia Giacomich, Gianna Ganis; Maddalena Mayneri, Gabriella Taddeo Scientific Consultants Arch.. Emma Calebich, arch. Michele Gortan, arch. Luca Girardini, arch. Alessio Floreancig, dr. Alberto Routher-Rutter Comunication Manager Dr. Gabriella Taddeo Public Relations Maddalena Mayneri, Antonella Caroli, Gianna Ganis Exhibition arch. Barbara Fornasir, arch. Luca Girardini Light performance arch. Marianna Accerboni Multimedia Partners Nextep s.r.l. - Allos s.r.l. - Logistics dr. Oscar Bullo Photography arch. Luca Girardini, dr. Olga Micol

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